BBQ Menu

Quality, locally sourced ingredients.


Grill bar:

–6oz home made beef burger

-Chicken breast choose a flavor (cajon,jerk,BBQ,lemon and rosemary)

-BBQ pulled pork burger

-Portobello mushroom mozzarella burger

Vegetarian option is available on request.

Sausage bar:



Beef and horseradish

Apple and leek

Flavours are subject to availability.

Charcoal smoked finger meat:

-Sticky BBQ ribs

-Cajon ,jerk, BBQ or lemon and rosemary chicken thighs

-Jerk, BBQ marinated salmon pieces

Side options & Salads

-Traditional coleslaw salad

-Greek salad

-Moroccan couscous

-Potato salad home made soft herbs and mayo dressing

-Fresh grilled vegetable straight from the grill


-Sauteed onions

-Sliced cheese

- Sauces

Seeded brioche bun biodegradable plates-cutlery, napkin are included.